​A Christian View Magazine is one that is devoted to church news, community events, national events, public figures, musicians, and more.  It currently has a readership in 47 states and over 200 countries.

A Christian View Magazine prides itself on providing healthy, Christian-based content.  It provides readers and business owners with access to many Christian resources they might otherwise never be aware of.  Many readers find that modern media is unsatisfying, and at times disgusting.  It is necessary to provide people of the Christian faith with a source of entertainment that is respected and which encourages their beliefs.

A Christian View Magazine, LLC hopes that, by following its mission statement and goals, it will set a positive example, even for non-Christians.  It hopes that people and businesses will begin to see that other, less fulfilling means of entertainment are not supporting the principles that are required for a healthy, happy society.  The mission of the magazine is "to help people from all walks of life achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential."  Positive stories and articles from everyday people and spiritual leaders are designed to help readers grow practically and spiritually in their daily lives.  If you're looking primarily for inspiration and encouragement, A Christian View Magazine is the subscription for you!​

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